Pilots of the 82nd Fighter
Captain Wayne Coleman
Lt Col Richard Conner
Lt Col Harry J Dayhuff
Major Richard A Hewitt
Lt. Col. Ben Mayo
Lt Col Jack Oberhansley
Lt Lawrence W Nelson's P-47 & P-51
Lt Warren Wesson
This is the new Homepage for photos of
the 82nd pilots.  For those pilots listed in
the Missing Air Crew Report sections you
will find their photos there with the reports.

For pilots that have numerous photos you
will find a separate page listed on the left
and can go there.
Lt. Col. Robert E. Eby
Leather patch modeled from artwork on
Dayhuff's P-47
Courtesy of Rei Warnken
Captain William May
Original Caption: 1st Lt. Duncan McDuffie (left), Aiken, S.C. of the 78th Fighter Group who
recently shot down four German fighters in one aerial battle, attaches his good luck charm (a
rabbit's foot) to his helmet.  Captain Richard A Hewitt, a 78th Fighter Group Squadron
Commander from Lewistown, N.Y., wears a rabbit's foot on his dogtag chain.  England.
Major Winfield Brown
Capt Ivan Keatley
Lt William Swanson
Lt. Harry B. Slater
Captain Robert Adamino
Lt. Dixie G. Jackson
Captain Arthur B. Richie
Photo Courtesy of Keith Richie
Major Norman D. Munson
Captain Charles R. Clark
Major Harry L. Downing
Captain William A. Guilfoyle
Captain James W. Wilkinson
Lt. George Stilwell
Lt. James L. Mattern
Lt. Huie H. Lamb
Lt. George B Burger
Captain John I. Brown III
Lt. Edwin F. Bolgert
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