Ground crew of the
82nd Fighter Squadron
                               A Flight
Back: Deyoe, Costelnick, Burnham, McKean, Bassett, Franke and Trickey.
Front: Wilson, R.C., Baker, A.J., Barter, Zachary, Lindemuth and Rex.

Photo courtesy of Janet Bell
                              B Flight
Back: Asure, Cooper, Smith, L.E., Burnevik, Kolenic, Morley. Front: Zane Adams,
Ashby, Swenson, Huelfall(?), Hink and Burkey.

Photo courtesy of Janet Bell
                               C Flight
Back: Kovacevich, Tudor, LeMasters, Koski, Bennett, Smith, C.V. and Blowers.
Front: Gerhardt, Christensen, Walker, Christopher, Stover, Bevis (?) and Gillen

Photo courtesy of Janet Bell
                                D Flight
Back: Shepard, Sumner, Sandive(?), Jimenez, Doloway, Boase and Egan
Front: Schmidt, Ben Wilson, Whitaker, Frazer and Cannon

Photo courtesy of Janet Bell
                          "Big Wheels"
Sgts. Donald J. Deyoe, John M. Kovacevich, Osmo E.Tahja,
Kenneth L Asure, Raymond W. Shepard
Photo courtesy of Janet Bell
       S/Sgt. Thomas M. Gilder
Sgt. Gilder's daughter, Janet Bell is responsible for bringing most of the
photos in this section to light.  Her father's attention to detail had him list the
names of most everyone on the back of the photos helping in identifying
those seen here.  A large debt of gratitude is owed to both of them.
S/Sgt. William J. Trickey, crew chief, plays gasoline spray on engine of Republic P-47
Thunderbolt to wash down accumulations of oil and grease before engine cowling is
replaced.  The plane, one of the newer arrivals, piloted by Maj. Ebey, Group Operations
Officer, has just been through a thorough periodic  inspection.
Sgts Ray Shepard and Tauno Koski
Sgts Osmo Tahja and Ray Shepard
S/Sgt James E Tudor          Capt Robert Holmes        Corp Robert L Thout        
"Goxhill Bunch"  
Joe        Ray        S/Sgt Earl N Sugars        T/Sgt. Arthur Warnken         
Photo courtesy of Rei Warnken
My father's (T/Sgt. Ray Shepard) duty list for May 16, 1945
T/Sgt Ray Shepard, Unk, Unk, Unk, Unk
S/Sgt Victor Giambastiani
T/Sgt True C. (Pappy) Fagan
Cpl Frank J. Penar & Cpl Chester J. Golebiewski
T- Bolt
June 6 1944
S/Sgt. Guy O."Tommy" Thompson, S/Sgt. Warren F. Kellerstedt,
Sgt. Patrick L. McDonnell, S/Sgt. Alfred J. Turrow,  Robert L. Burch
82nd Armament/Ordnance people waiting for the first mission to get back so we
can get them set up again.  Kept weapons handy in those days as there was talk
of possible German Paratrooper attacks
T/Sgt. Donald J Deyoe
Photo courtesy of Lynne Deyoe Walker
Sgt. Robert O Conger
Sgt. Dominic B Kolenic
Sgt. George Peirce
Cpl. Kenneth W. Christopher
Updated May 24, 2020
S/Sgt. George F. Schmitt with the damaged tail of Huie Lamb's P-47 MX-O. Lt. Lamb was
chasing a Me262 over a German Airfield and was hit by flak.  The Me262 was destroyed.
S/Sgt. James W. Sterner S/Sgt. Joseph E. McCarthy
Sgt. Arley E. Lindsey
Sgt. James F. Linehan
Corporal Joseph T. Wingfield
Sgt. Tauno Koski
Sgt. Alvar J. Baker - Above Photos courtesy of his Nephew K. Dixon
Left to Right - Corporal Frank Penar, Corporal Charles Gallegher,Sgt.
Michael Chernikovich, Corporal Edward Boyle, Sgt. Pat McDonnell
Left to Right - S/Sgt. Victor Giambastiani,Sgt. Arley Lindsey, Corporal John Evans
Sgt. Michael Chernikovich
Left to Right - Sgt. Michael Chernikovich, Sgt. Paul J. Egolf, Corporal Charles Gallegher
Corporal Charles Anderson Sgt. Michael Chernikovich
Next to cockpit S/Sgt. James W. Sterner, On the wing S/Sgt. Patrick L. McDonnell
On the ground - Corporal Charles Golebwski, Sgt. Michael Chernikovich
The plane they are working on is MX-
N "Kitty" Piloted by Lt. Turley.  He was KIA on 6
March 1944 with this plane.
Left to Right - Sgt. Michael Chernikovich, S/Sgt. Patrick L. McDonnell,
Sgt. Thomas N. Hanrahan, Sgt. Donald A. Baker
Above Photos are courtesy of Mike Chernik, grandson of Sgt. Michael Chernikovich
Rare photo of one of the Squadron's P-38s. Then Corporal Alvar J.
Baker at North Island Naval Air Station, San Diego
82nd Armament Beer Bust February 1945. Sgt. George Peirce with white arrow
T/Sgt. Jimmie H. Randolph
Sgt. John A Sassaman
Minnesota Boys
L to R: M/Sgt. Osmo E.Tahja, Sgt. Paul Janousek, Limey Gal (English),
S/Sgt. Earl N. Sugars, Cpl. Milton H. Franke,
Sgt. Donald J. Deyoe,
S/Sgt. Robert J. Fitzgerald, Sgt. Henry C. Louhela
Corporal Kenneth E. Small
Note that Censor has scratched out ID # on Jeep bumper