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information gathered on each page is from the Duxford Diary, the National Archives,
from the web and some very generous friends. You may copy anything that I have
not noted as being courtesy of others.  
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Last Updated May 24 2020
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Duxford Eagles - the 78th Fighter Group, 8th USAAF in WWII,
and beyond.
Sorry to announce the passing of my father T/Sgt. Raymond Shepard. He was an orginal member of the 78th coming
from the 14th Pursuit Group which formed the 78th. He served at Hamilton and March Fields as well as Goxhill and
Duxford. His time at Duxford he served as a crew chief, flight chief and ended the war as Section 2 line chief all with the
82nd Squadron.
This site dedicated to my father, T/Sgt. Raymond Shepard.  Line Chief 82nd Fighter Squadron
Well it has been 2 and a half years before I could start to update the site.  Various issues with the web
host and site location made it impossible to do anything.  I will be doing my best to go back in and fix
files for issues.
Welcome and thank you for visiting. The original 78th Fighter Group web site was
owned by Ken Fish.  I helped research and give Ken information that he could
publish on his site.  Unfortunately Ken passed away suddenly in 2009.  All the
information he had on his computer was not accessible and was lost.

I consulted with my father (T/Sgt. Raymond Shepard of the 82nd) and we decided
that I would try and rebuild to some extent what was lost.  I had the large
collection of Missing Air Crew Reports that Ken did not get to publish so I started
there.  1
1 years later here we are.  

I needed a lot of help and guidance and would like to acknowledge the staff at
Duxford's Imperial War museum.  Also a person who knew Ken and helped m
with his vision and rebuilding assistance is Nathan Howland.   

A really big thanks goes out to all the sons
,daughters, grandchildren, nephews
and nieces
of the men of Duxford.  They have been so generous in supplying a
good portion of the pictures you will find on this site.

Ken's vision was that his site would feature everyone, not just the pilots.  I have
kept that vision and you will see everyone represented here.  The ground crews
and the all the Service groups have a presence on this web site.
Been very busy updating pages and in a few instances created some new ones to handle the amount of
information that I had for a particular subject.  I have added update labels to pages that I have touched
during this month and will continue to do so.  Should make it easier for everyone including myself to
know if something new has been added since the page was last visited.
May 24
Just in time for Memorial Day I have added over 70 new entries across all units and groups that were
based at Duxford.  A lot of newspaper articles, some photos and in the 82nd Ground Crew section there
are new photos of Sgt. Alvar J. Baker courtesy of his Nephew K. Dixon
and photos of Sgt. Michael
Chernikovich and his buddies  courtesy of his grandson Mike Chernik.