The two planes are HL-R 43-25513 Lt Edward Kitley and HL-F 43-25588 Lt. Cleon Raese of the 83rd.
Plane is HL-H 325528 "Noamie Vee" of the 83rd.  Pilot pictured is Lt. Peter Klaassen.
Plane is MX-C 463177 piloted by Melvin F. Hoffman
Plane is MX-E , Injured was F/O Charles DeWitt of the 82nd
Plane is MX-I 415574 Milton  B.Stutzman crashed on take-off
Plane is MX-L 42-28455 crashed on take-off pilot was John B.Wade of the 82nd
Below are photos of various crashes, both take off and
landings.  Starting with the 83rd then the 82nd and the
84th.  The last photo is and unidentified plane maybe
from another Group that crashed at Duxford.  Additional
information with some of the photos is courtesy of
Danny Morris.
This involved Marvin C.Bigelow HL-J 472036 and Don Montieth HL-K(bar) 415524 in a taxiing
accident. Marvin was badly burned but returned to combat same as Monteith.
MX-S 415505 crashed on take-off by Donald C.Hart
411675 crash landed by Harry L.Roe
463170 crashed on take-off by Milton B.Stutzman
John A.Kirk who was in London for a radio broadcast when his ship was crash landed by Richfield Egleston who
came in to high and slow
472163 James M.Farmer crash landed
42-74742 ''SNAFU'' (formerly ''War Eagle'') Julius Maxwells ship crashlanded by Earl L. Steir
43-65593 Landing accident by Maurice J.Ryan Jr
Crash landed engine failure 2nd LT
Richard W. Taylor
P-38 CG-D or O 42-67667 crashlanded by Robert N. Gore of the 38th F/S 55F/G at Duxford
44-14551 landing accident by J.E.Brasher of the 310 F/S 27th FRG
WZ-S(bar) was formerly Robert H.Berkshires ''Brutal Lulu''HO-U of the 487th/352 F/G
411693 Raymond E.Smith crash landed engine failure 1 mile NE of Duxford
B-17 Ready Freddie which crashed into the 83rd Barracks, July 19, 1944.  Photo above was
taken July 4, 15 days before the accident.
F/O Allen Furbush from the 374th Squadron crash landed 44-15065 P-51D B7-E  "Elusive
Eileen"  at Duxford 16 Apr 45.  Unknown who is in the picture.  
2nd Lt. Roy E. Wendell - WZ-F  41-6223 Listed as Killed in Training Accident
Remains oF Lt. Dwight Belts P-47 WZ-U  42-25690  October 1, 1944
Photo courtesy of Danny Morris
Photo courtesy of Danny Morris
Photo courtesy of Danny Morris
Photo courtesy of Danny Morris
Lt. James E Moore WZ-X  42-28615 at Boxted Feb 1 1945
Above and below - Lt. Henry Slack  WZE 44-19912 Feb 1 1945
Above 3 additional photos of crash courtesy of Roger DeWitt