Pulang Lupa Battle Site
This Historical Park just outside of Torrijos town is home to the most
famous battle on Marinduque during the Philippine American War.  This
battle is also in the top 10 of all the battles during this period in
Philippines.   Although a peaceful setting today, it was not so in
September of 1900 as forces led by Maximo Abad surprised and
defeated Company F of the United States 29th Volunteers led by
Captain Deveraux Shields.  The history behind this battle occupies
many pages of my website and to get a good feel of what happened at
Pulang Lupa you need to visit
HERE after taking in the pictures below.  
The marker located at the entrance to the road which climbs the hill
to Pulang Lupa.  It can be seen easily from the National Highway.
The view looking down at Torrijos from the battle site
The memorial marker at the battle site.
Infantry Battalion plaque
Militia Battalion plaque
Battle site Story Wall
2010 Anniversary Event
View looking Northeast