Sgt. John P Hartman
(June 16, 1944) --
Here is the account, according to Web Birds:
Taking off at 1903 hours, the lead ship, piloted by Capt.
Dunbar, was hit by the last ship in a formation of P-51's
passing over the field, and both ships crashed and burst
into flames.
Accounts by the first arrivals on the scene of the crash
vary, and the sole survivor of the accident, S/Sgt. Mattei,
Capt. Dunbar's turret gunner, is not unnaturally confused
about what happened after the crash. He was badly
burned while attempting to get Captain Dunbar out of the
cockpit of the flaming plane.
It is believed that Capt. Dunbar, his bombagator, Lt.
Merrill, and Lt. William B. Jones, the Group Photographic
Officer, who was flying as tunnel gunner, were killed by
the crash.
Mrs. Elizabeth Ann Everitt, housewife from nearby
Paddle Wharf Farm, and a passing cyclist,
Sgt. John P.
Hartman of the 78th Fighter Group,
were killed in the
explosion of bombs in the wreckage as they sought to
extricate members of the crew.