B-17 Crash July 19 1944
The following account is from the Duxford Diary:

On July 19th, 1944, the 78th had destroyed 20 planes on the
ground for their largest strafing bag to date, and as usual after a
big day, nearly everyone on the base was feeling pretty good.  
But Before the crewmen could get the Thunderbolts bedded
down for the night, tragedy struck in the form of a visiting
Fortress.  The B-17, carrying a Pilot, Co-Pilot and two crewmen
plus two pilots and and eight enlisted men from Duxford, buzzed
the control tower and pulled up over the hanger.  The neon
blinker light atop the hanger, however, sheared off most of the
left wing and the left horizontal stabilizer.  The crippled bomber
rolled over, barely missing wrecking the officers barracks and
tore up the main barracks of the 83rd Fighter Squadron and part
of the main 82nd Barracks.  All those in the bomber and one
man in the 83rd barracks were killed in the crash and resulting
explosion of fire.  Two others were injured.

Chaplin (Captain)William J Zink made two unsuccessful attempts
to rescue the man in the barracks.  At first unable to reach him
because of fumes and smoke, Chaplin Zink dashed out, grabbed
a gas mask and helmet and re-entered the building. Falling
beams and fire stopped him that time.  Then he gave last rites
for the victims and helped medical personnel extricate bodies
from the wreckage of the bomber.  He was presented the
Soldiers Medal for his actions that day, becoming the first Eight
Air Force Chaplin to win that award.

Most of the 83rd building was gutted by flames.  Lesser damage
was caused by pieces which hit the officer's barracks and the
82nd barracks. After the crash, squadrons held formations and
checked rolls carefully for men missing in the accident.  If the
crash had occurred 30 minutes or an hour later, officers said, the
toll of men in the barracks would have been considerably higher
because by then the crewmen would have been in off the line.
B-17 Crew Members (all Killed)

Lt. James D Sasser - Pilot
Lt. Victor L. Mintz   - Co-pilot
T/Sgt. James A. Heil Sr. - Radio Officer
T/Sgt. Francis J. Bradburn - Engineer

B-17G - 42-102937 "Ready Freddie"  95th Bomb Group, 412th Bomb
78th Fighter Group

Killed in the B-17

Lt. Martin H. Smith Jr.          84th Fighter Squadron
Lt. John B. Putman Jr.          84th Fighter Squadron      
S/Sgt. Donald M. French       84th Service Squadron               
Sgt. Ellsworth J Seesz          23rd Station Complement Squadron
Cpl. John F. Hamilton           23rd Station Complement Squadron     
T/5 John D. Gorman             1671st Ordnance Supply Company    
PFC. Anthony C. Loguidice    84th Service Squadron
Pvt. Frank L Wojcicki             23rd Station Complement
Pvt. Wilbur K. Edwards        84th Service Squadron

Killed in the 83rd Barracks

Sgt. Ernest Taylor                83rd Fighter Squadron

Injured on the ground

Cpl Oscar N. Severson          83rd Fighter Squadron
Cpl Raymond F. Roberson     83rd Fighter Squadron
BACK ROW  unknown , James Sasser , Victor Mintz (co-pilot), Floyd Hendershot
           Lt. M.H. Smith Jr.                 Lt J.B. Putnam Jr.
Remains of the Beacon that was hit
PFC Wilbur K Edwards         S/Sgt Donald M French         Cpl Anthony C Loguidice