Ground crew of the
84th Fighter Squadron
WZ-Z Crew
WZ-F 416223 Crew
T/Sgt. Bill Jensen & Cpl Thomas Stoker W/Capt Quince Brown's plane
Crewman in the cockpit of Capt Quince Brown's plane
S/Sgt Henry Pihl -far right
Above & Below - Crew with Capt Julius Maxwell "War Eagle"
S/Sgt James Tibbs (left) & S/Sgt Harry Newburg in cockpit
Lt. Dwight G. Belt's "Lady Helen" 42-25690 P-47D Unk Crew Member in cockpit
S/Sgt Henry Pihl - Center
S/Sgt Henry Pihl - Left
Possibly Quince Brown's Ground Crew
Photo courtesy of Nathan Howland
Sgt. Virgil A Trosper (Doc)