83rd Photo Homepage
Major General W.E. Kepner, Commanding General of the 8th Fighter
Command, meets in England with some of the officers of his command.
Back Row Left to Right:
Lt. Col. Edin S Chickering  Col. Hubert Zemke  
Col. James J Stone Jr.  78th
Lt. Col. Don Blakeslee  Lt. Col. Glenn E. Duncan  Col. Frank B James
Col. Wm. Cummings Jr.  Lt. Col. Einar A. Malstrom  Col. Avelin P. Tacon Jr.
Col. Joe L. Mason  Lt. Col. Thomas J. Christian Jr.
Front Row, Left to Right:
Col. Edward W. Anderson  Col. Murray C. Woodbury  General Kepner
Col. Jesse Auton  Col. Francis Griswold
Original Caption:  Just before he pulls out of his revetment for a combat mission over
Germany, 1st Lt. Russell L. Burgher of Columbus, Ohio, a North American P-51 pilot gets
the "good luck" sign from his maintenance crew chief, S/Sgt. Roderick H. Wallis of Marie,
Mich. at an air base somewhere in England.
Lt. Alvin Juchheim and S/Sgt. Robert McChord  MX-J
Lt William Madole & unk Crewman