Lt Daniel T Loyd
About Daniel Loyd from the book "Mémoires de la Seconde Guerre Mondiale dans
l'Eure" from a French Report, here the translation :

Report about the murder of Lt D.T. Loyd, Aircraft serial 42-25981 The 10th June
1944 around 09:00am, an american aircraft was shot down by German DCA and
landed in the territory of Bois-Arnault (Eure), in a grassland belonging to Mr Costé.
The pilot : the Lieutnant D.T. LOYD, slightly injured when he force landed, was
captured and put back by Germans workers to a German SS Unit based in Rugles
and which the office was in the factory yard of Fourneau.

At that moment, the SS Officer Hugo Wolf seems to understand to Mr Jules Médo,
living in Rugles, that he will kill the American airman. Germans started to dig a grave
in the garden of Mr Médo. Following several protests and supplications from Mrs &
Miss Médo, the Germans decided to didn't execute their project in Fourneau but
taken Lt Loyd in Saint-Sulpice-sur-Risle, close to the crossroad of the Laigle road
and Butte-aux-Roches road, at the exact place where two of their Officers in convoy
were killed by the machine-gunning from Allied aircrafts.

There, the unfortunate american airman, aged of 21, ace of 16 victories (sic !) was
cowardly killed by H. Wolf, whereas he was a POW and need to be treated like this
with International agreements.

His flight jacket was conserved by a French Underground member, Mr Buchon,
hairdresser in Rugles, but was recovered to the house of XXX(secret in the report)
in Rugles, an Italian, well known for his relations with German Troops.

Officer Hugo Wolf lived in Rugles, he was assigned to the SS Company 58-286 G
(or 58-286 A). The chief of those two Units, Commandant Bremer, owner of the
RitterKreuz (Also known to be the responsible for the murder of the keep-hunter Mr
Franchet and his three sons and the farmer Mr Magnin) was lodged in the Castle of
Lesmeval, commune of Cheronvilliers, close to Rugles (Eure).
                                                                 For copy : P. Douilly