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Recovered Boac Church Baptism
Record Taken by U. S. Soldier
During 1900 Occupation
Corporal Henry J Flanagan was with Company L, 29th
Regiment, United States Volunteers in April 1900 and was
one of the soldiers who occupied the Catholic Church in
the town of Boac.    Henry took at least one page from
the church baptismal records as a souvenir. I don't know
if he took more than the one page or if his fellow soldiers
also may have taken similar items from the church.

I was lucky enough to recover this one page and with the
Church's blessing it has been donated to the Marinduque
Museum in Boac.  The museum is one of the branches of
the National Museum of the Philippines    I have made
available here the document for research and enjoyment
The Document Front and Back Page
Corporal Flanagan's Note on the Bottom of the Page
Church Seal at Top of Page
Simeon Tustiniani  22 April 1891
Josefa Ladesma  22 April 1891
Jorge Matining 24 April 1891
Josefa Macatong  24 April 1891
Gregoria Montiano  26 April 1891
Henry Flanagan
The Boac Church
Below is a newspaper article from the Springville Journal dated
July 19, 1900 and publishes a letter from Henry Flanagan in
which he describes the occupation of Marinduque